Hey there! What’s poppin’? Welcome to Flora Land, where everything works wonders. I am Ruri Flora Newman, the owner of this awesome place. I am from Singapore, and some of my interests include reading biographies of famous people and traveling. Just a side note, I am an ARMY, as well as a Logangster 😉 Write a short note to me from the contact’s section if you are any of these :). I also work as a web developer in Rio Robot Pte. Ltd.; If you have any requests for websites, do not hesitate to contact me. Enough about me, have a fun look at this place!


Website Making
Making websites for companies, shops and hotels, through your ideas, and upgrading them with less costs.
Video Making
Instructional, promotional and company videos, all done just by compiling a few pictures
App Making
App making for company websites and features

Product Showcase

Little Tokens of Treasure

Wonders in Flora Land🌸